Whole Foods

vegetablesIt is our mission to show you how easy it can be to incorporate more of whole, raw, organic and locally grown foods into your lifestyle .

So just what are whole foods? These are foods that are unprocessed or unrefined before they are consumed and typically don’t contain any added salt, fat or carbohydrates. Think fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes, wild fish or organically farmed meat.

There is no doubt that unprocessed, unrefined whole foods have to be better for us than processed foods. Or that increasing our intake of a range of multi coloured fruit and veges (especially greens – yep, our mothers were right all along!) is the way to go. Most of us are already aware that eating lots of sugar, salt and bad fats are not good for our health.

We understand that making a complete lifestyle change isn’t do-able for everyone. But we encourage you to give some small changes a try. Perhaps you could introduce a daily green juice, or a vegetarian meal a couple of nights a week to your lifestyle?

Over time, this site will features heaps of delicious gluten, dairy and sugar-free recipes for you to try, and information about different whole foods and how they can benefit your wellbeing.  A high proportion of the recipes will be vegetarian but can be easily adapted for meat eaters.

Please take a moment to have a look around. And keep coming back as we’re adding new content all the time!


Quinoa Porridge

By On February 1, 2015

It’s not every day you come home to find $500 worth of Ceres organics products in your hallway! But I was super-stoked to be in this position after winning a Nadia Lim/Ceres promotion… Read More


Chia and Flaxseed Loaf

By On November 6, 2014

A delicious bread free of gluten, containing high amounts of skin nourishing ingredients and so simple to make. The perfect skin food! Makes one loaf INGREDIENTS350 g (12 oz/21/3 cups) gluten-free self-raising… Read More

News & Events

Paleo, Raw, Sugar Free, Acid/Alkaline? Don’t be a SHEEP!

By On September 27, 2014

It used to be Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean and Zone. Now it’s Paleo, Raw, Sugar Free and Acid/Alkaline. In an age of information overload it can be pretty difficult to know which… Read More

News & Events

An Organic Life

By On September 12, 2014

Meet Barb Warren. A passionate advocate for organic foods and healthy living, and the driving force behind the hugely successful Ohoka Farmers Market. She is also the woman behind Rangiora’s fantastic new… Read More


Ashley Organic Pear and Banana Spelt Muffins

By On June 2, 2014

We are sure you’ll enjoy the very first guest blog on the Whole Health Crew site by Barb Warren, a passionate, energetic whole food and organics enthusiast; founder of the hugely popular… Read More

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A good read

By On May 21, 2014

When I started exploring the benefits of a whole food diet around a year ago, I devoured every scrap of information I could find. And the more I read, the more I… Read More


Last Minute Dinner

By On May 6, 2014

It’s easy for good intentions and habits to fly out the window when we’re busy. Who hasn’t run to the local takeaway or made do with something out of a can when… Read More


Banoffee Pie

By On April 29, 2014

Banana, caramel and hazelnuts….  If you like these, you will love this Banoffee Pie. It is gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, and full of vitamins, mineral and antioxidants. The caramel in… Read More


Fruity, Seedy, Nutty Truffles

By On April 18, 2014

It’s Easter. So it seemed appropriate to get in the kitchen and rustle up this little chocolate delight! I adore truffles and like so many raw food treats, they are just so… Read More


All Dressed Up

By On April 15, 2014

  Shorter days. Cooler mornings. Sodden grass. The signs are here that winter is on the way but I refuse to give into my fluffy slippers and woolly jumpers just yet! One… Read More