Rosie Greene – Visceral Manipulation

RosieMediumMy road to becoming a therapist began when my youngest children started school and I had some time up my sleeve to study towards a Diploma in Massage Therapy at the New Zealand College of Natural Medicine.  I had long been interested in the human body and had been gathering information by osmosis for years, but felt some formal training was essential.  I had no idea how far down the road that initial decision would take me.  Like most things you are at your most knowledgable (or so you think) when you finish your training but it is only when you begin to practice in the real world you realise nothing is that simple.

My journey as a therapist has also included Craniosacral Therapy which showed me the power of incredibly gentle touch and Chiron Healing which brings in the realm of the energetic field in a very precise and specific way.

However I am most passionate about Visceral Manipulation, the work of Jean Pierre Barral, a French Osteopath. Since 2008 I have studied this wonderful, gentle therapy extensively in Australia and the USA and have seen its amazing benefits with my patients.

Visceral Manipulation is a whole body approach where everything is considered from the feet to the skull including the organs of the pelvis, abdomen and thorax, the nerves, blood vessels and of course the skeletal and muscular system. It is a manual therapy where we attempt to find the root cause of pain and dysfunction, the primary restriction.  For example, our organs are designed to slide and glide in relationship to neighbouring tissues and when a range of motion becomes restricted due to illness, injury, surgery or trauma, the body is forced to compensate for this lack of movement.  In time this can create a domino effect with the rest of the body and be the cause of a seemingly unrelated issue, for example lower back or shoulder pain.  Treatment is gentle but very specific hands-on mobilisation of the affected area.

I love my job and see people of all ages, from newborns with reflux, to my loyal octagenerians,  teenage boys with their love of all things physical, women dealing with a myriad of pelvic issues, people who have suffered from whiplash or concussion, to people with chronic digestive issues and everything in between.  Every body has tissues that deserve to be “listenened” to and gently encouraged back to homeostasis.

Outside my practice, I am married with four children, with the youngest, our twins recently leaving school. We have always had a hectic family life with a few adventures thrown in along the way.  All of us are involved in many different sports and activities and have also been active in organising community events, usually fundraising initiatives for school or sports teams.

I am honoured to be part of the Whole Health Crew and am excited to be able to share my knowledge and learn from the rest of the team.

Rosie 🙂